NFC: Continuous Communication Platform

O2T offers a patented Hardware & Software platform for Near Field communication over time. The platform enables power and communication from an active device (such as mobile phones and tablets) to different accessories and sensors. The Continuous Communications Platform is optimized for NFC communication between primary and secondary devices over time. With our background from powering rather intricate and complex communications between smartphones and keyboards, we have further developed the key elements of the platform to allow for a powerful, secure and swift communications standard via NFC between primary and secondary devices.

One 2 Touch provide a plug and play solution that facilitates the discovery of hardware components and a Software Development Kit (SDK) that easily connects with other Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Platform benefits include no need for batteries or charging, no need for pairing, low latency and possible 90% reduction in battery consumption thanks to NFC LE.

Our platform is currently optimised for applications related to Smart Cases and Covers, Smart Locks and Toys and Gaming.

We are currently licensing our technology to leading brands to create and commercialize exciting and engaging products and concepts. We have developed products, concepts, and solutions with partners such as Lego, Samsung, Zagg, Kensington and Tech 21.

NFC Low Energy

NFC Low Energy is a patented solution for saving battery time in the active device. For solutions like Toys and Gaming, the use of NFC Low Energy lets the fun go on and on. NFC LE allows power harvesting in the accessory while keeping the response time on a very high level. Combining NFC Continuous Communication with NFC LE, you reduce the use of power by 10 times.

Advantages of using NFC Low Energy
• Power Harvesting in accessory
• Response time similar to BT
• Reduce NFC power in phone by factor of ~10 (less than BT)