Smart Locks

One2TOUCH delivers a proven platform for NFC (Near Field Communication) with By leveraging our innovative NFC technology platform you can now make electronic locks without power and batteries.Power to the lock and communication is done by our NFC communication platform. Configure and lock/unlock by tapping your phone to the lock. We provide a dedicated App for your access control. You can also use our patented USBE-Key as a physical key which also powers the lock. The technology can be applied to most locks.

In partnership with Lockfob.


No battery

No power

Unlock with
phone or Key Fob


User Friendly

Mobile phone as key – touch your phone to lock/unlock using NFC.

Physical Battery powered USBE-Key as alternative key

Simple lock configuration

Contactless Operation – healthy virus defense

More Secure

Lock is only communicating with mobile phone – no direct internet connection.

Encrypted communication

No power or batteries

Lower cost and slim design

No fear of running out of power

Cloud management option

Turn any lock into an internet connected device through the mobile phone operating the lock

More secure patented solution with encrypted communication.

No fear of running out of power

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Cloud-based management and IoT

Since the mobile phone is used to control the lock, it is possible to create new revenue streams from a cloud-based management system without the need for an internet connection in the lock itself. In partnership with Lockfob.