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By developing a unique NFC continuous communication platform we expand NFC capabilities beyond payment and “tap-and-go” and into the concept of NFC “tap-and-stay, continuous communication”. One2Touch has introduced a revolutionary disruptive development of the NFC technology into the multi-billion dollar markets of mobile accessories and Internet of Things (IoT).  We work with partners that can participate in development and commercialization in various verticals such as mobile accessories, gaming, smart locks and wearables/smart clothing.


Terje Wahlstrøm
CTO, Board Member

Mr. Wahlstrøm has experience from heading up R&D at several complex embedded technology companies like Norspace, Infocus and Nxtech. He holds a Masters in Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Nils Knagenhjelm
VP Strategic Alliances

Mr. Knagenhjelm resides on the US East Coast, and heads up One2Touch´s US operations. He has successfully managed expansion of several Scandinavian based tech companies into the US, such as Bipper and Plutolife.Mr. Knagenhjelm holds a Bachelor of Science in finance and international business from Northeastern University.

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