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NFC beyond tap & go

Seamless communication, instant connection,
No batteries, no pairing, no charging- no hassle!

NFC: Continuous
Communication Platform

Remove the need for batteries and power in IoT sensors and mobile devices. License our technology to create and commercialize exciting and engaging products and concepts.


Smart locks

Touch your phone to lock/unlock devices using NFC. Make passive locks smart.

Smart Cases & Covers

Smart cover products and concepts for mobile phones and tablets.

Toys & Gaming

No batteries or charging. Turning plastic into smart accessories.

Concept and Collaboration Partners

Our vision

To create a new global Near Field Communication (NFC) ecosystem for mobile and tablet accessories and IoT services based on NFC Continuous Communication Platform, and to enable mobile and tablet devices to go far beyond the basic tap-and-go mobile wallet services by use of NFC technologies.

License our technology and
create unique and amazing products.