One2Touch is an embedded hardware and software engineering services company specializing in Near Field Communication (NFC). We develop, engineer, manufacture and test the embedded software and hardware needed to run NFC powered communications. Our deep NFC expertise and continual focus on innovation allows us to successfully facilitate the production and delivery of our clients’ and partners´ products and services.

One2Touch originally started out developing a patented wireless keyboard using low-cost components and own developed software. By utilizing NFC, One2Touch is to date the only company offering a technology substituting Bluetooth for wireless keyboards. One2Touch was selected by Gartner in 2014 as one of five “Cool Vendors in NFC” to watch, as well as being listed in a 2014 tech entrepreneurial survey as one of 20 Norwegian tech companies to pay especially attention to moving forward.


NFC Beyond Payment

NFC was originally developed to enable mobile payments, with a focus on the tap without connection assets. However it is becoming evident that this touch sensitive technology can enable other device operations. We have spent the past 6+ years building our capabilities and discovering how NFC can be leveraged to have precise, swift and two-way continuous communications between devices.


Rethinking NFC

Facing the choice of how users enter and receive data from devices, wireless is becoming an increasingly attractive option. WiFi networks, cellular coverage and Bluetooth headset are common examples, but new ideas require new thinking. Based on proximity data exchange, we have created a standard to power and communicate continuously, so that accessories can operate without batteries. Our platform is the first mobile enablement standard on continuous communications based on Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.



One2Touch is to date the only company offering a technology substituting Bluetooth for wireless keyboards. We utilize the short distance wireless capabilities of NFC / FeLiCa enabled mobile phones to achieve Touch & Type functionality. Based on integrated RFID technology and a flexible silicon design, it is optimized for mobile use and provides a low cost. We are currently working on concepts for mobile gaming, mobile touch pads and mobile workstations and are constantly on the look out of finding new products suitable to leverage our platform.


Our Setup

One2Touch is a venture-backed company with HQ and R&D offices in Norway. We are set up as an OEM provider consisting of a highly experienced team and partners from the OEM and mobile industry, with all key functions in-house and manufacturing partners in China. We are currently searching for licensing, manufacturing and distribution partners looking for a first mover opportunity of taking NFC based products to the marketplace.