Our Vision

NFC as an interoperable standard for device communication has primarily been optimized for a “tap and go” kind of use, where users tap their phone to perform a certain operation, and quickly move on. We believe NFC can be leveraged for much more – due to its unique features. The first scenario we have looked into, is how we can optimize and leverage NFC for “tap and stay” use scenarios.

Questions we ask ourselves:

  • What happens when NFC is optimized for use scenarios demanding a “tap and stay” kind of action, where the communication needs to continue over a period of time?
  • What kind of use scenarios is especially suitable for NFC powered “tap and stay” situations?
  • What does NFC tap and stay demand of the chips, protocols and software platforms supporting the NFC interoperability?

We enable NFC for tap and stay.


NFC´s Role in IoT

IoT generates huge amounts of data, and secure data transfer is key not only for payments and other purchase transactions, but also interoperability scenarios such as personal data transfers in device interaction, consumer data transfers in marketing, diagnostic data transfers from machines on a factory floor, etc. NFC´s security advantage over Wifi and Bluetooth is a key advantage and important feature to leverage in growing NFC use scenarios.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) space and the market acceptance for NFC evolves over time, One2Touch continues to further build on the core focus of establishing the best way possible to enable seamless, secure and low power communications between devices via NFC.



NFC Innovation Lab

We have a lot more in the pipeline in terms of other use scenarios leveraging NFC as a communications standard beyond payments. At our NFC Innovation Lab, we develop new use scenarios, products and services together with some of the most tech driven brands there are. Stay tuned for more exciting NFC adaptions powered by One2Touch coming out soon.