Mobile Gaming


Enriching the mobile gaming experience

Mobile gaming is gaining foothold fast. At the same time, NFC is growing as an accepted data transfer standard. NFC is especially suitable for gaming, as it provides accuracy and speed.

One2Touch has 5 years experience with developing NFC driven communication between electronic devices. We have proved it with NFC based mobile keyboards, and are now in position to do so with NFC driven and powered mobile gaming controllers.

The key benefits with leveraging NFC as a communications standard for mobile gaming is:

  • Speed and accuracy: Shorter response time than Bluetooth – essential for the best possible gaming experience
  • Low cost: A NFC based docking station is lower to produce compared to Bluetooth due to the components needed
  • Ease of use: Immediate pairing when docking
  • Slim design: no batteries needed (with our Power Harvesting technology) makes it easier for the user to bring the gaming controller with them

We are looking for forward thinking players who want to work with us as an OEM/ODM partner and be the first mover in taking NFC based mobile gaming controllers to the market. Please contact us, so we can take our discussions further.