Flipcover Series

Introducing the world´s first integrated NFC keyboard

The Flipcover Keyboard Series has a dual functionality as it works as a keyboard and a protective cover for the screen and the phone itself. With a flexible and customized setup, we provide device specific (F2 and F3) keyboards as well as keyboards adjusted for certain screen size intervals (F1).

We work with different colours and materials for the back cover, such as aluminium and hard plastic, depending on the keyboard model. With strong micro suction, the keyboard is sure to stay attached to the phone with our adhesive model – the F1.

The Flipcover Keyboard Series eliminates the need to invest in several different accessories for the phone. It is everything the smartphone user needs in one product; a protective cover and a keyboard, thereby delivering a fully operational on-the-go work station.


Ultra-thin. Complete keyboard with real keys. No battery or charging needed, allowing for an ultra-thin experience that won´t fill your pocket or purse.

Dual Functionality. Protective cover and keyboard in one product. No need for separate protection for the phone.

Customized. Different back covers – replaceable, protective or adhesive versions. Fitted to specific phones (F2 and F3).



All models are NFC compatible with Android handsets
OS version 2.3.3 and over. Power Harvesting (no battery). 

  • Flipcover F1: Freestyle model fitted for ranges of phone sizes. Attached to back cover with micro suction.
  • Flipcover F2: Protective back cover fitted for specific phones.
  • Flipcover F3: Replaceable back cover fitted for specific phones.



Communication Interface Communication standard between keyboard and device: Compliant to: ISO/IEC 18092; 212kbps Passive mode.
Key strokes speed 1000/minutes
Response time (Active mode) Typ. 18ms.
Size Keyboard height: 4 mmBreadth and width variable to phone size
Material Silicone keyboard, back cover aluminum and/or plastic – depending on model.
Colors Grey (RAL 7021), Black.Other colors upon request.
Layout QWERTY (Other layout upon request)
Function keys Android keys: home, search, back
Patent Patent no.: WO 2007/089158


Interested in one of our keyboards?

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