Combined Series

Working on the go by providing a laptop-like experience.

The Combined Keyboard Series provides a laptop-like user experience with its work station layout and full keyboard. Allowing users to truly leverage the smartphone´s full potential as an enterprise work station, working in the cloud and on the go has never been easier.

Pairing and remaining connected via NFC creates less battery drain than a Bluetooth connection, helping power-typists prolong their phone’s battery life. Completely wireless, the Combined´s lifelong battery requires no charging (C1 and C3 models). Once known to each other, the phone and keyboard pair instantly whenever the phone is placed on the landing pad.

The product fits perfectly in the pocket and purse, and allows the user to efficiently work on the go from their smartphones, without having to bring laptops with them when outside the office.


Utilize the Phone´s Potential as a Work Station. Full keyboard. Increase typing accuracy and speed. Full screen phone view.

Touch & Type. No pairing and set-up. Connects in 0.1 sec  (Power Harvesting / NFC models).

Flexible. NFC only or Bluetooth LE combination. No cables. No batteries (Power Harvesting / NFC models).



  • Combined C1: NFC compatible Android handsets
OS version 2.3.3 and over. Battery powered – two batteries (see specifications below).
  • Combined C2: NFC compatible Android handsets
OS version 2.3.3 and over. Power Harvesting (no battery).
  • Combined C3: NFC and Bluetooth LE compatible with Apple handsets version iOS 6 and over. Battery powered – two batteries (see specifications below).



Communication Interface Communication standard between keyboard and device: Compliant to: ISO/IEC 18092; 212kbps Passive mode.
Z placement C1 and C2: Touching
C3: Within a close physical range
XY placement C1 and C2: Centre phone area ± 10mm.
C3: Within a close physical range
Rotation Phone can support the following orientations (clockwise from vertical position): 90° (±5° tolerance).
Key strokes speed 1000/minutes
Response time (Active mode) Typ. 18ms
Battery Lithium CR2025 x2, Replaceable –total capacity 320mAh
Battery life standby Typ. 25,000 hrs.
Battery life continuous typing 400 hrs.
Size unfolded 341 x 65 x 6.1 mm
Size folded 118.1 x 65 x 17.9 mm
Material Silicone
Colors Grey (RAL 7021), Black.Other colors upon request.
Layout QWERTY (Other layout upon request)
Function keys Android keys: home, search, back
Patent Patent no.: WO 2007/089158


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