Consumer Electronic Products

Enabling Work and Fun on the Mobile. Our keyboards open the true potential of the mobile for work and study situations, by bringing the joy of typing back to smartphones. Our mobile gaming consoles allow gamers to take true advantage of the enriched games being developed for mobile platforms.

The World´s First NFC Keyboard. We have developed the first NFC keyboards and gaming consoles on the market. They allow the user to simply place the smartphone on the devices and start typing or gaming, with no pairing other than a simple touch between the phone and the device.

Made for All Smartphones. Our freestanding keyboards have, in addition to NFC, also the option of adding Bluetooth LE capabilities, thereby allowing the keyboard to alternate between Bluetooth LE and NFC. This means our freestanding keyboards can be used both by all iOS and Android devices.

Fits in the Pocket. All freestanding keyboards are foldable to pocket size. The Flipcover keyboards are attached to the phone, and are not much thicker than the average protective casing. The mobile gaming controllers are  slimmer and smaller than other micro consoles. Our slimmest keyboard, SlimType, is just as thick as a regular cover for the phone.

Less Waste. We harvest power from the phone to keep the NFC devices running. This means no battery waste. The devices run on very low power, and the user will not experience any noticeable battery drainage.


Interested in one of our devices?

We are set up as an OEM/ODM provider, and are currently searching for licensing, manufacturing and distribution partners looking for a first mover opportunity of taking NFC based keyboards and gaming consoles to the marketplace.

Please contact us, so we can take our discussions further.


Watch a demonstration of the Combined keyboards: