Consumer Electronics as a Starting Point

We started out developing NFC keyboards, and soon discovered NFC´s key traits that are especially suitable for other consumer electronic products. Our keyboards have been and are being market tested as we speak. Read more about our keyboards here. We are also working on several new concepts that we are planning to take to market together with brands already positioned in the market at hand. Our NFC Innovation Lab works both with our clients on taking out next generation products, as well as pushing the boundaries of our NFC platform.

Our NFC Solutions Grew out of our NFC Product Know-how

Working with NFC over several years, has enabled us to establish a solid platform that powers all the interactions we create between primary and secondary devices. The O2T Continuous Communications Platform is optimized for NFC communication beyond “tap and go” use scenarios. In combination with our protocol for NFC Low Energy (NFC LE), it becomes even more powerful. We also offer an Embedded Solution, which allows us to work in a flexible manner in terms of our customers´desires when it comes to hardware choices.