One2Touch nominated for CTIA Emerging Technology Awards

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The One2Touch Continuous Communications Platform has been selected as a contender for the CTIA Emerging Technology (E-Tech) Awards 2015. E-Tech Awards categories honor the industry’s emerging, innovative and cutting-edge mobile services, solutions and technology.

The O2T CC Platform was a contender in the category M2M, IoT, Sensors, RFID & NFC adaptions, amongst tech giants such as NOKIA, Qualcomm and Gemalto.  We are proud to see that we are acknowledged as a contender in shaping the future of NFC and IoT technology amongst players of this caliber.

The full list of contenders can be seen here.


Here is a recap of the award entry: 

One2Touch has created an innovative NFC based technology platform especially suited for continuous communications between main/hub devices and accessories. Based on power harvesting and our protocol stack for low power consumption, we are able to offer a standard for devices and accessories to not only connect, but also communicate via NFC.

Based on our platform, we have designed several products as proof of concept, where slimness is a key desired design trait, like mobile keyboards and mobile gaming controllers.

As the Internet of Things (IoT) space and the market acceptance for NFC has evolved over time, One2Touch has continued to further build on the core focus of establishing the best way possible to enable seamless, secure and low power communications between devices.

The full entry can be read here.


The list of winners can be seen here.

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